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Celebrating Timeless Beauty, Comfort, Joy, and Artistic Dreams 

Bluebird Barn Fine Art and Gifts is far beyond just me, Katrina Jones, artist-in-residence. Our products take on a life of their own, embodying things that are elegantly simple, timeless, inspired by Mother Nature, and the charm of rural, cozy, cottage and farm living.

Creative, artistic, and passionate I love what I do and it shows. My family and I pride ourselves in taking extra care in hand selecting my best designs, and choosing merchandise and mementos that are equally suitable for gift-giving, as well as decorating your home.
With a passion for creativity, (creativity makes me happy) I take great delight in my two children, farm life, our horses, and a good cup of tea.

We celebrate family, storytelling, rustic things with history, fine craftsmanship, gardening, animals, long morning coffee hours, getting the job done, meals from scratch, useful handmade things, and following the Golden Rule.

Bluebird Barn Fine Art & Gifts is our outlet to share with you the nature inspired works of art we create, the unique collectibles we find, and all nature inspired gifts we source to comfort the mind, body, and soul.

Like you I find it a challenge to attain a work / life balance however the juggling act is much easier when you’re doing what you love, and loving what you do is the cornerstone of happiness!

P.S. Please don’t keep us a secret tell a friend or two (or three) about Bluebird Barn Fine Art and Gifts. 

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